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Recently we upgraded our Oracle WebLogic Servers from 10.3 to 10.3.1, and coincidentally migrated a JDeveloper ADF application 11g to 11gR1. ADF applications require a set of libraries that must be deployed to WLS before the ADF application can run, of which we completed successfully, or so we thought. This post documents a little trap for new players when configuring WLS and deployed applications. On deploying our upgraded ADF 11gR1 application to our WLS 10.3.1 server with the updated ADF libraries, we hit an error on deployment from JDev. The logs showed the following results: [08:54:26 AM] ---- Deployment started. ---- [08:54:26 AM] Target platform is (Weblogic 10.3). [08:54:39 AM] Entering Target Selection Dialog [08:54:55 AM] Retrieving existing application information [08:54:55 AM] Running dependency analysis... [08:54:55 AM] Building... [08:54:59 AM] Deploying 4 pr... (more)

SoapUI for Web Service Testing

A popular tool for web service testing is SoapUI. The following blog post describes how to use it for testing a simple web service, as well as setting up a series of tests and even load/stress testing. Without a doubt similar documentation is available on the SoapUI website; my post gives my spin on the product that maybe useful to others. In this post we'll look at: 1) A simple web service example 2) Creating a simple test in SoapUI 3) Creating a test suite 4) Loast/stress testing your web services Our web service The web service we'll use here for testing is a simple Hello World exam... (more)

Set the ADF Whale Free! Um No, Why ADF Should Be a "Cost Option" to Truly Save the Whale

I had a chance at this year's ODTUG conference to throw an idea out there. It goes against the grain, but sometimes opposite ideas stir useful discussion. From the ADF EMG, the OTN forums, user group conferences, and more, we often hear the statement "set the ADF whale free!" (okay, "whale" is my word, but it has a certain ring to it) The going idea is if the whole ADF stack was free, or at least there was a free "nobbled" version, it would assist the adoption of ADF because developers like free stuff and they would naturally start using it. Fair enough, it's a good idea, free is ... (more)

JDev The Power of Facelets – Part 3

The previous blog posts in this series (part 1 and part 2) looked at the behaviour of the af:region tag embedded in a af:showDetailItem tag with JDeveloper This post investigates the changing nature of the "deferred" activation property for the underlying af:region task flow binding in JDev JDeveloper introduces JSF 2.0 and Facelets as the predominate display technologies for ADF Faces RC pages. As Oracle's JSF 2.0 roadmap for ADF states: "The introduction of Facelets addresses the shortcomings of JSP and improves the developer page design and r... (more)

Retrieving Managed Beans Programmatically

From time to time in JSF and ADF Faces RC applications there’s the need from one managed bean to retrieve another, typically from a lesser scoped bean to a greater, such as a requestScope bean retrieving a sessionScope bean to access its methods. There’s essentially three avenues to solving this problem: 1) The following JSF 1.1 createValueBinding method that retrieves the bean using EL: FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); Application app = ctx.getApplication(); ValueBinding bind = app.createValueBinding("#{beanName}"); Bean bean = (Bean) bind.getValue(ctx); Note ... (more)