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The previous blog posts in this series (part 1 and part 2) looked at the behaviour of the af:region tag embedded in a af:showDetailItem tag with JDeveloper This post investigates the changing nature of the "deferred" activation property for the underlying af:region task flow binding in JDev JDeveloper introduces JSF 2.0 and Facelets as the predominate display technologies for ADF Faces RC pages. As Oracle's JSF 2.0 roadmap for ADF states: "The introduction of Facelets addresses the shortcomings of JSP and improves the developer page design and reuse experience." One of these improvements is how the "deferred" activation property for task flow bindings under af:regions works, and we no longer require the programmatic solution. The behaviour using JSPX Before we can show how Facelets improves the use of embedded task flows in an closed... (more)

ADF Security Revisited (Again Again)

This is a revisit of the ADF Security features under JDeveloper 11g and subsequent deployment to WLS. There are plenty of good examples and documentation on this feature and readers are encouraged to seek those out. This post is my cut of implementing ADF Security to make sure I've all the moving pieces clearly defined in my head. As usual I thought this post may be of interest to readers. Assumptions Readers understand the security concepts of authentication and authorization, and readers are familiar with the WLS security "myrealm" concept. Sample Application What I find difficul... (more)

ADF BC: Creating an "EXISTS" View Criteria

The EXISTS keyword in SQL queries is an efficient mechanism for returning record sets from one dataset when they exist in another dataset. For example we can write queries like: SELECT org.org_id, org.name FROM organisations org WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM events evt WHERE evt.org_id = org.org_id AND evt.contact_name = 'Eddie Harris') ....which returns all organisations which have a related event whose contact is Eddie Harris. ADF Business Components in JDeveloper 11g allow the creation of EXISTS subqueries via the View Object named View Criteria feature. They're easy to implement if... (more)

Book Review: Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development Made Simple

There are very few pieces of software where a casual approach can be taken to the process of software development. Software development is intrinsically a difficult process, gathering requirements, design, development and testing all taking large effort. In reaction enterprises have setup and adopted strict development processes to build software (or at least the successful enterprises have ;-). ADF and JDeveloper are sold as productivity boosters for developers. Yet in the end they are just a technology platform. By themselves they don't solve the complexities of software develo... (more)

REA Is Where RIA Becomes the Norm

Oracle on Ulitzer Do you believe that the day when programmers could focus on one language in their jobs is gone? Thanks to the ever-changing IT landscape and the uncertain financial times, contemporary developers are expected to work with a wide range of platforms, frameworks, languages as essentially "masters of all and specialists in none." You need your IDE to move with the times too, moving beyond the simple compiler and debugger to solve the challenges that contemporary developers face. Oracle JDeveloper is such an IDE. From a fledging Java IDE over 10 years ago, today JDe... (more)