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A recommended ADF development best practice from Oracle is to check your applications are Activation Safe. In recent testing of an ADF 11g application we discovered the following scenario where our application failed Activation Safe testing, documented for others to read-but-not-experience-first-hand. Problem Scope Consider an application displaying employee details. The first screen contains a table of employees, and on selecting a specific row, the 2nd screen shows the details of the selected employee. Note in the screen shots, selecting employee ID 106 in the table, displays employee ID 106 in the form screen. Essentially the expected behaviour. In this example from the ADF BC point of view the employees data is backed by a Read Only View Object (VO) based on the employees table from Oracle's HR schema. By default the employees VO contains the following attributes. No... (more)

JAX-WS: A @SchemaValidation Custom Handler to Alter Framework SOAP Faults

A few days ago I blogged about suppressing the SOAP fault detail Java stack trace on WebLogic Server when using the JAX-WS @SchemaValidation annotation for your web services. One of the problems with the @SchemaValidation annotation is dependent on the error in your incoming SOAP payload, you may get all sorts of potential errors returned in a SOAP fault. In some cases it might be useful or a requirement that a generic SOAP fault message be sent back in this case. How to do this? As usual I'm documenting my research and solution here for my own purposes, but hopefully helpful to ... (more)

Q&A With Grant Ronald

(This is a reprint of an article published in the UKOUG's Select magazine early this year) When talking about Oracle Forms and JDeveloper, one Oracle personality stands out among others - long time blogger Grant Ronald from Oracle Corporation UK. Grant has for a long time “pimped” Oracle Forms and its big brother JDeveloper at Oracle events and user groups events around the world. His popularity is shown by his blog receiving on average 2000 hits per day. Lately, to reassure Oracle customers that Oracle intends to keep on supporting Oracle Forms and show that Forms has a future i... (more)

Stress & Load Testing Web Apps (Even ADF & Apex) Using Apache JMeter

A couple of years ago I presented Take a load off! Load testing your Oracle Apex or JDeveloper web applications at OOW and AUSOUG. I can't recommend enough the importance of stress testing your web applications, it's saved my bacon a number of times. Frequently as developers, we develop under a single user (developer) model where concurrency issues are easily avoided. When our programs hit production, with just 1 more user, suddenly our programs grind to a halt or fall over in bizarre places. Result, pie on developers' faces, users' faith in new technologies destroyed, and genera... (more)

SoapUI for Web Service Testing

A popular tool for web service testing is SoapUI. The following blog post describes how to use it for testing a simple web service, as well as setting up a series of tests and even load/stress testing. Without a doubt similar documentation is available on the SoapUI website; my post gives my spin on the product that maybe useful to others. In this post we'll look at: 1) A simple web service example 2) Creating a simple test in SoapUI 3) Creating a test suite 4) Loast/stress testing your web services Our web service The web service we'll use here for testing is a simple Hello World exam... (more)